You want me to talk about myself? Well here is a little take on me...


*I love music, in fact there is rarely a time during the day when I'm not listening to music. 

*I'm so far from being an artist...some people after seeing my work say "wow, your such an artist"...I don't see it, I just shoot what I like.

*People say I look like Jim Carey...I can do a nasty Ace Ventura impression.

*I love candy and am a bit of a junk food-aholic (cue harassment from my wife).

*I consider myself the texting king!

*I'm a great whistler.

*I have four sisters which I feel has made me the man I am today.

*I could not live without playing golf or hockey, I would go insane without it. 

 *I tend to make my schedule around the Boston Bruins.

*I'm never late for anything...I get butterflies in my stomach when I'm close to being late.

*I love my wife very, very much and am very blessed to have a family like I do!!

*I'm a complete goofball but know how to be serious when the time comes.

Oh...its supposed to be ABOUT photography?

Garren Poirier is the name and I CAN'T say I've been into photography since my dad gave me a camera back in 1982. I started getting interested in photography in 2004 after I bought my first camera for a trip across the pacific to Indonesia. From that point I was obsessed with taking pictures.  I immersed myself in learning about photography through books, the internet and trial and error. My true passion is landscape which I believe helps me with other aspects of photography, I love finding new ways to look at the world.

Proud member of the

Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals